April at the Library

Spring is upon us!
We’ve had such a busy year already, what with our giant MASHPEAS scavenger hunt event and our Pushing the Limits series. Yet, we’re just getting started!
April brings so many things; check out our monthly newsletter here.

But to sum up some of the fun:

Garden Club Plant Swap starts promptly at 9am on April 15th. Bring any viable plant parts to trade with other like-minded gardening folk. Swapping goes swiftly, be here a little early to scope out the goods.
Super Cool Cooking School is April 19th, from 4-5pm, for all ages and experience levels.
Pushing the Limits of Nature starts at Noon on either April 25th.
We will read T.C. Boyle’s “When the Killing’s Done,” then watch two short videos and discuss it all with group leader Mr. Neil Garrison, Piedmontian and Naturalist. It’s always a fascinating time with these groups; be ready to share and learn! Call the library at 373-9018 to register and to grab your free copy of the book, while supplies last!

Thank you for all you do to support your local Piedmont Public Library.

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