February 2017 Newsletter

Hello, Library Lovers!

Oh…can you feel the excitement? I’ve been waiting for this announcement all month.
Starting February 28th, Piedmont People can sign up for the Most Awesome Scavenger Hunt Piedmont Ever Attempted (Seriously!). YES, Mashpeas Hunt 2017 is nearly upon us.
What does that mean? We are raising money for the annual DUCK Week fundraiser by throwing a digital scavenger hunt the likes of which this prairie town has yet to see. The adventure begins March 5th. Gather your team of 5-10 folks, all ages 5 and up, please, and get ready to compete against other like-minded competitive peeps to collect as many points as possible within a two-week period. Be ready to run at midnight-and-a-minute on March 5th to the computer to see the LIST of over 125 items that need to be Done, Collected, Viewed, and Appreciated. All will be posted to social media for points. The team with the most points WINS!
Winners will be announced by airplane — that is not a typo — at the #iHeartPiedmont Hometown Hoedown at Chester’s Party Barn on March 24th. GOOD LUCK and Best Wishes for an awesome experience! Registration is only at the library. Gather your team, select a Captain, figure out a team name, and come to the library. Cost is $10 per person, all monies going to DUCK Week.
Rules & regulations will be explained when you sign up.
EEEEEEK! So exciting!
#MASHPEASHunt2017 #becauseofMASHPEAS #PiedmontIsTheCoolest
Book Club Lovers Who Also Love Movies: We are talking about a special program for our Readers Who Lunch meeting.  February 16th, at noon, we talk about a novel by Clive Cussler called, “Arctic Drift.” Then, we will show you two quick videos about extraordinary people pushing the limits of survival. AND, local geologist Mr. Devin Dennie will be leading the discussion about the earth and its capacity for adaptation. He will encourage participants to share ideas and opinions. It’s going to be a fascinating hour. THE CATCH: Call the library now — 373-9018 — to REGISTER for your space at the meeting, AND while supplies last, we can offer you a free copy of the Cussler book because of generous donations from the National Science Foundation and the Califa Group. Thank you, sponsors.

Gardeners: Our monthly meeting will be held Saturday, February 18th, at 9am a the library. We will be talking about fruit trees, and getting the season started, and who knows what else? We’re a fun, easy-going group of folks who love to stick stuff in the ground and watch it grow. Call the library for more information, or just show up!

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