MASHPEAS Hunt List: March 2017

Here it is, THE LIST!
Your team has TWO WEEKS, starting at 12:01am on March 5th, to record WHICHEVER ITEMS YOU CHOOSE from this massive-but-awesome list of Cool Stuff below!
YOU DO NOT NEED TO COLLECT ALL ITEMS, only the ones that appeal to you most and seem to be most fun or rewarding. The winning team is decided by most on points accumulated, not number of tasks accomplished.
Each item indicates how to “turn it in,” whether it be by video or pictorial representation. All Entries must be posted to our Facebook event page Mashpeas Hunt 2017 or your own page, or your Instagram or Twitter feeds, and all must be marked with the hashtag #MASHPEAS2017 as well as #(your team name) plus the Item Number in order to be counted by the omniscient judges presiding over the Execution of Fun amid the Gathering of Piedmont Peas-Lovers.

Final points awarded will be determined by your Peas-Loving judges. The team with the most points WINS the coveted title of First-Ever MASHPEAS Winner, as well as an ultra-cool prize, as yet to be unearthed by our world-class Peas Prize Procurers.
Unless specifically indicated in the item, you do NOT need to have the ENTIRE team present! A couple of representatives are fine with a task — therefore, you can complete more of them!

Points are assigned; up to 2 additional points if the entire team is present, or if the event is turned up a notch on the Creativity Meter. e.g. team members dressed as Harry Potter characters

Some tasks are worth at least 3 points; we’re stepping up the difficulty!  These are some heavy-on-the-fun Items, therefore the points are higher. Of course, the points go up if extra creativity shows in the execution. Don’t hold back, give us your best!

Remember: No harm may come to any part of our fair town! No graffiti, or vandalism, or hurtful anythings to anyone or animals or buildings or walls or earth parts, please.

Let’s give Peas a Chance.

Ready? And….GO!

    1. Hug a Veteran — photo 1pt.
    2. Take a picture with a Piedmont landmark –photo 1pt.
    3. Weed a small needy flower bed in town — photos of Before & After your fabulous efforts 3pts.
    4. Read a book to a child — photo OR video; extra points if we cry because of Uber Sweetness 1pt.
    5. Record an elder telling a story from his or her life — Video with Audio 5pts.
    6. Clean up litter in a public place — photo of before, photo of heaving Hefty bags of collected trash 3 pts. per heaving Hefty bag
    7. Visit with someone in a nursing home — photo with permission, please 1pt.
    8. Take a thank you note to Piedmont Postal workers — a photo of the note; video of the giving 3pts.
    9. Take treats to the Piedmont Tag Office — photo is fine; extra points if you swing some by for the librarians! 1pt.
    10. Give a thank you note to a Piedmont Police Officer or Firefighter — photo 1pt.
    11. Visit someone hospital bound — photo, and only with permission, please 1pt.
    12. Deliver ten-gallons of items to the recycling center — photo 1pt. for each 10-gallons
    13. Take a picture of your whole team at a local business with the shop owner — photo 1pt.
    14. Take your team on a field trip to the Piedmont History Museum in the 4 Corners district — photo 1pt.
    15. Take a photo of your whole team jumping by the New Park in the Park District. Sure, there may not be any actual equipment there yet, but use your imagination! Frolic! Be merry! One thing though: no feet on the ground in your photo! So jump high! — photo 3pts.
    16. Record yourself singing a song with a stranger — oh, so, video that for 3pts. (Bonus points if you quack it out!)
    17. Serenade a couple in a restaurant — Video, of course! We want to hear you, too, please! 3pts.
    18. Open a fortune cookie at the Chinese American restaurant — photo of fortune; extra points if the word “happy” appears in the wish 1pt.
    19. Entire team in the dark with flashlights — photo 1pt.
    20. Team reflection back from something other than a mirror — photo 1pt.
    21. Collect at least 10 unique Piedmont business cards. Photo of the cards with a team member — photo 3pts.
    22. Our little free libraries could use some updated material! Replace one of the older books with a newer, gently-read book. We have TWO free libraries in town; can you find one? Let’s fill them full of bestsellers, like a mini bookstore, but much cheaper — photo 1pt.
    23. Entire team standing with a mascot, any ol’ mascot, as long as it looks mascot-ian — photo 1pt.
    24. Stand on a boat — photo 1pt.
    25. Share a soda or shake, individual straws, of course — photo 1pt.
    26. Thumb war with a city employee! — photo 1pt.
    27. Personify a Street Sign — photo 3pts.
    28. Re-enact 6 pages of Dr. Seuss  — video 3-7pts., more for extra effort
    29. Hum the “Mission Impossible” theme & act out a spy scene — video, of course! 5pts.
    30. Riddle this and take a picture of it! What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? — photo 1pt.
    31. Geocache in Piedmont — photo of your finding 3pts.
    32. MASHPEAS-ing Force of Awesome Guardians — yup, that’s your prompt; photo 5-8pts.
    33. Work with the local Quilter’s group — conveniently convening at the library every Wednesday morning between 9:30 and 11:30 — to create an all-cotton, ten-inch square to be pieced together at event’s end. Turn in your square at the library. — photo of your square and get 10pts
    34. OR…if you can’t meet with a quilter (and they’re such nice ladies, you’d love them, but if you can’t meet them…) make your OWN 10-inch square, all cotton fabric, and turn it in to the Piedmont Public librarian near you — photo of your square plus 5pts
    35. Two words: Igloo Doghouse — photo 3-5pts
    36. Ode to Piedmont! Create a parody of any popular song, with new lyrics all written out so we can know what they are — video of 1-3 minutes, plus a song of your awesome new lyrics — 5pts. Bonus points for costumes, tiaras, and choreography
    37. Kitchen Battle Time! — photo or video, depending on the creativity of the battle scene 3pts.
    38. Portrait of a Famous Person…using only vegetables — photo; extra points if the medium is Peas 5-8pts.
    39. Tea time at a Pond — photo; extra points for Teatime Apparel & Parasols 4-6pts.
    40. That Christmas Feeling in the Air! — an interpretive maneuver best exhibited in either photo or video, your choice 3pts
    41. Take a picture of a team member with someone from another team — photo 1pt.
    42. Pet rooster in a Piedmont Wildcats t-shirt. You must not harm the bird in any way. Bad karma if you do — photo 5pts.
    43. Prom night! Dress in formal attire, stroll downtown, and enjoy a Sidewalk Picnic. Get permission from the business owner first, please, and no harm may befall anything or anyone — video or multiple photos 5pts.
    44. Do a stealth act of kindness for someone in public or at work. Film the discovery of your grand gesture — photo of the gift/note; video of the surprise 5pts.
    45. You’re a pirate and must dress like one. In addition to the required eye patch and pirate-y hat, you must stand in line at the post office, the tag office, or the City Stop. Extra points if you have a live parrot on your shoulder — video 3-5pts.
    46. Order food at a local restaurant. Greet the employee, explain how hungry you are, what you want to eat, and just how good it will make you feel. BUT. You must speak as the Bard wrote. Place your order in Shakespearian verse. — Video. Of course. 10-15pts.
    47. Build a local landmark out of scraps and found things, then place or build your work next to monument — photo showing the two creations together with the team on their knees next to the reproduction (makes it look more life-size, right?) 5-10pts.
    48. How inventive are you? Modify a stationary exercise bike so that when you pedal, the spinning wheel powers a mixer that whips heavy cream into whipped cream. Dress in 80’s exercise gear — complete with headband and leg warmers — while you churn the whipped cream, then eat it. Oh, and make the video look like a quick infomercial! — video 20-30pts.
    49. Dress your grandfather (or a man over 75) like a teenage girl — photo 10pts.
    50. Team members pose in pairs their best passionate tango move frozen in time — photo 3pts. Of course, extra points for awesome costumes or a rose in your teeth
    51. Hold a teddy bear tea party for at least four children and eight bears — photo 5pts.
    52. Think of someone who engages in sustained generosity in your community and then do something nice for them. Describe what the person does for Piedmont, and then video your kind gesture toward them — video 10pts.
    53. From old cardboard and other materials, create a miniature movie set of buildings and homes to resemble Piedmont. Buildings must be at least 3-feet tall. Now dress as Godzilla and/or King Kong and attack the city. Again, no harm may befall anything or anyone. Extra points if Godzilla and King Kong hug it out at the end — video 10pts.
    54. Rage against the dying of the light — video or photo, whichever speaks better for your rage 3-5pts.
    55. Tousle your child’s hair in an Einstein-ian way and have them explain a hard concept in his or her own words. Extra points for a lab coat and goggles — video 3-5pts.
    56. Ask a local city official to wear a goofy hat while they talk seriously with someone wearing a suit and tie in an office or hallway — photo 3pts.
    57. Take the road less traveled — photo 3pts.
    58. Take a picture that shows 8 hands and 13 fingers — photo 1pt.
    59. Little Jack Horner, Little Bo Peep, Peter Pumpkin, Little Boy Blue and the Queen of Hearts at a late-night poker game — photo 10pts.
    60. Create an original rap song, complete with dancers — photo of the lyrics; video of the performance 5pts.
    61. Create an online dating profile for your pet on a real dating site — photo of profile screen 3pts.
    62. C.S.Lewis wrote: Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one!” Take a picture capturing this exact moment. The two must have something visually unique about them. The photo must be taken in a crowd of other people who do not share this unique quality. e.g. Two unicorns at a football game — photo 10pts.
    63. Interpret the phrase “helium pants” — photo 3-5pts.
    64. Dress as a professor and sell us on the idea that the telegraph should make a comeback — video 3pts.
    65. Dress in your finest “steampunk” attire and get behind the wheel of a steam-powered vehicle. Extra points if you actually Drive. –video 10pts.
    66. Dress your team in holiday dress and pose for a holiday card at a public place. You must all stand motionless, posed for the photo, for at least twenty seconds. Extra points for Duck costumes — video 3-5pts.
    67. “You are what you eat.” — photo 3-5pts.
    68. Take a picture of a team member’s twin, but the twin must be a stranger! (Whaaat??) — photo 3pts.
    69. Eat at one of the local restaurants taking part in the DUCK Week efforts to raise money — photo of your whole team dining in style 3pts. Extra points for your interpretation of “in style”.
    70. For children under 12 only: paint or draw a picture of what you love most in the world, then write what it is under the picture. Parents may provide the description if the child chooses not to demonstrate their penmanship — photo 3-5pts.
    71. NERF War!! — 1pt. Extra points for clown noses or duck costumes
    72. Book Mobile! Your interpretation — photo or video, whichever shows your efforts the best 5pts.
    73. There was something you always wanted to do as a child; do it — photo 5pts.
    74. Create your own homemade team uniform. Each team member must wear the uniform and be photographed. Include your team name, either on the jersey or photo-shopped onto the picture — photo 3-5pts. Extra for incorporating a duck into your uniform.
    75. Pick a Piedmont Landmark or Monument. Plant your team flag in front of it to claim it as your own! — photo 3pts.
    76. Dare we say………”food fight”??? Yes! We dared! Remember, no harm may come to public property in any way — photo or video, whichever 5pts.
    77. Create a dynamic, documentary short film exposing little-known facts about Piedmont — video of at least three minutes length 5pts.
    78. Video your team playing Leap Frog in the Park District! — video 3pts.
    79. Get your whole team hula hooping! –video of at least 20 seconds of everyone on the team successfully hula-ing 5pts.
    80. Someone you know has always wanted something incredible. Get it for them. Surprise them. Catch the surprise on  video — extra points if you do this for more than one person and video that, too — 10pts.
    81. Flash Mob in the center of town, at a busy time of day, with at least twenty folks watching. You must start with all the performers undercover, blending with the crowd. Then one performer starts and begins to play or sing or dance. Then the others join in. Record the full song and 20 seconds before the song begins. You must have AT LEAST 6 singers/musicians and 6 dancers playing to the crowd. If you join forces with another team or three, you’ll earn extra points! — video 20pts.
    82. Record the song “New York, New York,” with anything but conventional instruments, like kazoos, tubas, and recorders, while someone else on your team sings the words. Bonus points if you sing “Piedmont” instead of “New York!” — video 5pts.
    83. Riddle: Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale — photo 1pt.
    84. Video your team along with a prominent Piedmont-ian lip-synching “Single Ladies.” Don’t forget the hand movements! — video 5pts.
    85. Be a tourist in your own hometown of Piedmont! Take the self-guided walking tour — photos of sites you visit 5pts.
    86. “Paint” a flattering picture of one of your teammates using only vegetables– photos of both the portrait and the model — 10pts.
    87. Attend an official DUCK Week program or event — photo 3pts.
    88. Make a suit or dress out of cucumbers — photo 10pts.
    89. Tweet genuine compliments to 10 people on twitter. The compliments must all be personal, true, and thoughtful. Tweet them consecutively with the hashtag #becauseofMASHPEAS — screen capture photo of the 10 tweets 10pts.
    90. Make a cozy blanket from socks and old neck ties. Snuggle up under it as a team — photo 15pts.
    91. Photobomb another team while they’re Peas-ing! — photo of your “bomb” 3pts.
    92. Type out your team’s one-page manifesto. Bonus points if you send a photo of your typing it on a manual typewriter, the manifesto still rolled into the machine — photo 5pts.
    93. Fold a paper hat whilst sitting outside in a public place; put it on, to protect yourself from the wind — video 3pts.
    94. Riddle: I start with an “e”, I end with an “e”, but I usually contain only one letter — photo 1pt.
    95. Is there an unsung hero in your life? Write a short song about the person and why you appreciate them. Sing it to them and video their reaction to your serenade — video 10pts.
    96. Make a representation of the Oklahoma flag using vegetable slices and peas — photo 10pts.
    97. Write a haiku about waiting. Stand in a line in town and recite your poem — video 3pts.
    98. Invite three city workers to share a pie with your entire team at city hall. Seated at the table must be a fully dressed fireman, police officer and teacher — photo 10pts.
    99. In front of a Piedmont monument or famous building, hold a sign over your head announcing a tourism motto based on how you see your hometown. e.g. “Piedmont, OK! Where animals double as alarm clocks!” — photo 3pts.
    100. Recreate a recognizable piece of architecture or landmark using only books — photo 5pts.
    101. Create a grammatically correct anagram sentence using the first names of each of the  members of your team — photo of both the first names of your team members as well as the sentence 3pts.
    102. Children behind the counter of the city hall or tag agency, dressed professionally, dealing with adult customers. The children must look really bored — photo 5pts.
    103. Have an elderly relative take you back to an important location from their childhood and have them recount a memory of that spot. For example, they could take you back to the street corner where they learned to ride a bike and tell you about that day. — video up to 45 seconds 10pts.
    104. Do the one thing that you think, if everyone did it, would change the world for the better overnight. Caption the image or video with what you’re doing — video or photo 5pts.
    105. Show us your idea of love. Caption the image if you wish. — photo or video 3pts.
    106. Support our troops. More than 10% of veterans that return from war suffer post traumatic stress syndrome. Tweet or post with #becauseofMASHPEAS on FB or Instagram an image of you next to a serviceman, with you holding up a sign with a positive message or a message of kindness or gratitude to them and soldiers worldwide. — photo 5pts.
    107. Write a thank you letter to a teacher or mentor from your past that you never sufficiently thanked. Mail it. You may submit an image of the letter, or if you wish it to remain private, submit an image of you mailing it. But you must mail it or bad karma will be rained down upon your toothbrush — photo 5pts.
    108. Let’s see a grid photo of everyone on your team wearing prominent mustaches — photo 30pts.
    109. Host Piedmont’s largest hopscotch game in at the 4 Corners Downtown district. — photo or video 50pts. Extra points if players wear velour track suits.
    110. Find out what one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen. — photo or video 50pts.
    111. Yarnbomb something in Piedmont. No harm may come to anything! — photo 50pts.
    112. Many school music and art programs are underfunded. Find a local school art program that needs instruments, art supplies, etc. and donate a needed item to it (as well as try to find others to donate to it). — photo of your team presenting the item(s) to the teacher/administrator at the school 50pts.
    113. Design and build a comfortable, functional piece of living room furniture made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials. Then show the team enjoying it. — photo 50pts.
    114. Waiting rooms can be so depressing – there’s got to be a way to make them less miserable. Let’s see it. Must be a Piedmont business. — photo or video 50pts.
    115. Surprise owners or officials of a public park or building, or school with a clean-up crew. Bring music and friends and clean it up. — photo or thirty-second video 10pts.
    116. Locker Love. Post messages of love or support on or in lockers of a student that you think might need encouragement– photo 30pts.
    117. There’s a giant inflatable pea hidden in Piedmont. Dress the team in Piedmont gear, find the pea, and take a photo of yourselves. — photo 30pts. Extra points if you all wear giant googly eyes!
    118. Commit a random act of kindness and have someone take a picture of what you’re doing and caption it — photo 50pts.
    119. A John Green suggested item: Write up to a 250 word personal manifesto that answers the question: “What are you fighting for?” or “What cause is the most important for you?” Then make your own uniform/costume that declares that cause — two photos, one of you wearing your uniform/costume, and one of your manifesto. 10pts.
    120. Show us something you find beautiful that most others would deem ugly — Take a flattering photo for 50pts.
    121. Back to school! Pack a backpack (or more!) full of school supplies and deliver them to a local school or collection sight — photo of the drop-off 05pts.
    122. Take treats to the ladies at City Hall! They’ll love you forever — photo of yourself with a happy city hall lady 30pts.
    123. Watercolor Piedmont — photo or video 50pts for your interpretation (Remember: No harm nor damage nor blight may come to any part of the town or the town accessories!)
    124. Kiss a pig — any pig! — photo 30pts.
    125. Squeeze your team into something much too small for your team to squeeze into — photo 10pt. Extra points for tie-dye shirts!
    126. Riddle: I’m so simple that I only point; yet I guide people all over the world — photo 10pt.
    127. Clown it up in front of Chester’s Party Barn! — photo of your whole team 30pts.
    128. How many peas can you stack on a rubber duck’s back? — photo 10pt.
    129. The Eiffel Tower is gone, we miss it! Build an Eiffel of your own and place it next to the Old Store, where the tower once stood. Merci! — photo of your whole team next to your masterpiece 50pts — extra points if you wear berets and horizontally striped black and white shirts with sassy black pants!
    130. Look for a rainbow in a box — photo 10pt. Extra points for creativity!
    131. Urban Station salon has a fabulous Instagram photo prop. Huddle with a couple or three team mates behind the prop and snap a picture! Or sprawl on the couch inside the salon! — 30pts. Extra points if you’re wearing boas or tiaras
    132. Is there an historical marker in Piedmont? Find it! Grab the team and take an oh-I’m-so-embarrassed photo by it — photo 30pts.
    133. 1 photo — 5 green things, all different — none of them are leaves, stems, or plant parts — photo 20pts.
    134. Take a photo of the word “Piedmont” — but none of the letters are actually letters, and all the “letters” in your word “Piedmont” must be found in town — so, that’s 8 photos; if you find a few letters, each will be worth 10 points; if you find all eight, well then…80pts. Be creative! Look carefully at the shapes of this town. Be creative to wow us!
    135. Do exactly what the sign says. Which sign? You choose. — photo 30pts.
    136. With your whole team, write “An Ode to a Duck,” and recite it together while standing on the gas station corner to cars passing by. Oh, and you must hold signs that say, “Honk if you Like Ducks.” — photo or video 50pts.
    137. Parade of DUCK Week tees from the past! How many team members you have? You need to show us that same number of past t-shirts. — photo 30pts.
    138. “You’re the King of the World!” — photo 10pt. Bonus points if you find Leo DiCaprio for your shot and extra bonus points if you’re out on the water.
    139. Call Pure Nutrition’s Stephanie Howard — 760-420-6560 — to book at least two of your teammates in a fitness class! Exercise and have fun! BUT…you must wear a tutu, or scuba gear, a clown nose, or a duck bill for at least the first ten minutes of class! Classes are definitely offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening, but she may offer more evenings for determined Hunters such as yourselves — photo or video, whichever best shows your moves 30pts.
    140. Mannequin challenge in the front window of local business, Trendy Sister, located on the Westside of the Four Corners District. Everyone must be dressed in Piedmont Wildcat gear — video, at least 15 seconds 5 — 50pts.
    141. Go to City Hall and ask for Sheila. — photo 10pt.
    142. Three musicians –or more — assemble in a public place and perform three different songs simultaneously, in a professional manner — no smiling! — for a full minute. Take your bow! — video 30pts. Extra points for formal attire. By the way, the instruments don’t have to be “real.” Ever played the saw? or a kazoo? Try it today!
    143. Take your picture with a Yeti at Piedmont pharmacy — photo 10pt. Extra points if you dress as a yeti or a duck.
    144. Create your own duck costume, then photograph yourself amongst your peeps. — photo 30pts. Extra points for real birds in the photo
    145. Sing “Old McDonald had a Farm” in Pig Latin. On that farm he had a Duck. Ack-quay, ack-quay! — video 30pts.
    146. Visit Locavores Farm using this clue: “During the light of day, don’t roll in the hay. Come to our farm for some country charm. Now that you have used your shocks, get your first clue in the driveway at the DUCK WEEK box.” Follow the instructions inside the box, then send us a photo or video of at least two teammates standing by the Locavores Farm Sign and holding the Decoy. (You’ll see what we mean.)–50pts. Extra points awarded if you can tell us what “Locavores” means!