Scavenging for Fun at the Library

Our first Tuesday Summer Reading activity is especially active.
Using the registered Goosechase app for Android and iPad, the librarians and parents will assist kids in finding various wonders around the library to photograph and submit in order to collect points, fond memories, and ultimately, a prize! With simple instructions and visual clues, we will guide kids on an impromptu tour of the library on this fast-paced hunt.
The scavenger hunt is a come-and-go activity, perfect for families who want a little spice in their morning. It is a quick game and should only take about twenty minutes to complete. Wear sneakers and thinking caps for best performance.
If you’d like to be ready for the game, download the app to your device before arriving at the library. It’s a free download, easy to use and familiarize yourself with, and pre-setup will help with insight as to how the game will go.
Join us anytime Tuesday, July 11th, between 10 and 2; the hunt is afoot!

(Goosechase may be familiar; we used it for our epic MASHPEAS event in March. If you played with us then, you’ll have a leg up! We look forward to seeing you for this 2.0 summer version.)