Leaves are finally turning color and the temperatures are plummeting alongside blistering winds.
Must be fall in Piedmont!

Join us for a special gaming session for The 4 Clans. Designed by Piedmont locals who will teach people how to play, this exciting strategic fantasy card game is intended for players ages 12 and up. A game for beginners usually lasts about an hour and a half. Play starts at 5, so come play or just watch to get a feel for the game to join us next time! For more info before the game  begins, go to The 4 Clans

We have an active November, including a new class provided by our Healthy Piedmont Initiative grant called “Mindful Eating,” lessons for using all of the basic senses while eating in order to focus on the moment and more fully enjoy the experience. The first monthly class starts at 6:30pm on Tuesday the 12th in the library community room.

For more upcoming events or details, check out our November newsletter