Hi, all!
It’s SUMMER time, and that means FREEDOM, for READING and PLAYING and LIBRARY-ING for two whole months!
The fabulous Hooplahoma will start things off right, by spinning their way into your hearts, taking you on a turn for FUN, and juggling, too, because…juggling!
They will start hooping it up at 10am and keep things turning until 1, so come watch, play, learn, and socialize at YOUR local Piedmont Public Library!

The fun continues ALL OF JUNE, with super cool new book clubs, reading challenges, family fun nights, and super cool buttons to collect, wear, share, enjoy.
It’s going to be a heck of a month — to read ALL ABOUT IT — upcoming fun! events! activities! boooks, boooks, boooks, you bet we do! — click here, here, here