Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Treat your stuffed friend to a sleepover at the library!

What is a Stuffed Animal Sleepover?

Children have the opportunity to bring a stuffed animal to the library for an overnight stay. (PLEASE NOTE: Stuffed Animals stay the night...not your child)

Stop by the library between 3-5pm on Thursday, June 23rd. Decorate a blanket, create a nametag/collar, and read your stuffy a story before tucking him/her in for the night. You will entrust your stuffed friend to our Children's Librarian, Ms. Liv and library staff. We have many fun activities planned for our overnight stuffed guests. These memories will be captured in photos and posted to a dedicated facebook page (Please let a librarian know if you do not have access to Facebook).

Return to the library between 10am-Noon on Friday the 24th, to pickup your stuffed animal.

RSVP IS REQUIRED. This will allow us to prepare for supplies. Please note only 1 stuffed animal per child. When registering, please tell us how many children will be attending and their ages. 

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